Thursday, April 29, 2010

Once more unto the breach, dear friends

"Combat Outpost: Afghanistan" is the working title for a two-hour PBS documentary I'm producing in association with Partisan Pictures. The film will chronicle the Afghanistan tour of the Marines in 2nd platoon, A Co., 1st Battalion, 2nd Marine Regiment.

Videographer Rob Curtis and I leave for Afghanistan May 1 and will spend six weeks with our Marines. This will be early in their seven-month tour. We will return for three weeks in September as they wrap up their tour.

Who knows what kind of internet access well have at their outpost in Naw Zad in Helmand Province. We'll update this as we can.


  1. Fair winds and following seas, as they say in the maritime trades.

  2. I know you will do a great job. Good luck. I cannot wait to see it.

  3. Hey Bob...Ran into the father of a friend whose son is an infrantry man in one of the hotspots. They have not had anything but mre's for more than 40 days now -- and not because they are in such a hot spot hot chow can't get there. The logistics are messed up -- and needlessly so. Dad does not want to raise a fuss cause his son will catch the blowback. If you have suggestions as to how I can blow the whistle on this snafu, lemme know. Situation is so bad they are purchsing diesel burning stoves and shipping them to the front. The family is...