Saturday, June 16, 2012


"Afghanistan: The Surge" was sent out yesterday to all the PBS stations in the country. Each station will decide if and when to air it. The first to report in was KQED in San Francisco, one of the PBS flagship stations. It will broadcast the film on Sunday, Aug. 26, at 9 .m. on KQED World. Further updates at

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  1. I taped on my DVR and watched at 1-3 a.m. June 25 and like docus very much because I am a 61 year old history student from 1973 and most people in America are so ignorant about world history and our leaders as well. No history teacher would ever have gone to war in this country because you are not going to change a whole culture and create a functioning government just because you want to and are arrogant regarding telling other peoples in the world how to live and what to do just because American government wants it to be. This is why most other people hate our government and so do I.
    We have no business having our troops stationed anywhere other than the U.S. and our government and the people have not listened to what President Eisenhower said to beware of the "military industrial complex" because it has robbed this country of things the American people need such as food and healthcare for its people.
    I am 61 and even with Medicare I have received substandard medical care because the government spends too much money on the Defense Budget. We do not have a "Defense" department anymore we have a "Capitalism" Department and corporate businesses that need a permanent war to stay in business. The massive bill that is going to become due and which the American taxpayer will be paying for the next 60 years is the physical and mental damage that has been caused to our soldiers due to these totally stupid unnecessary wars that no history professor ever would have gotten involved with or have started because of the history,culture and religion of the region we were going to war in. But I will NEVER deny these soldiers the medical and mental care they will need in the future because they were not given the choice to go to war by our stupid leaders. We were not ever at war with the Taliban, but only Bin Laden and should only have gone after him and we punished a people and a country because President Bush was ignorant in world history and I can totally understand why the people are trying to get us to leave. I would love to be a teacher in Afghanistan to the girls but our corrupt and incompetant medical system in this country made me to ill and I cannot finish my teaching degree in history and english until I can get surgery for an illness that should have been diagnosed in 2003 and just now getting care. This is very sad and why America will be in decline as the Roman Empire declined.