Monday, August 2, 2010

May the Dove of Peace ...

I may have complained a time or two that there really hasn't been much direct contact with the enemy. Trust me when I tell you the Marines are more annoyed at that than I am. But nonetheless, I have vented a time or two about this. Today, while sitting in the shade of a mulberry tree where the temperature probably didn't get much above 110, a dove shit on me. What am to make of that? Is that a good omen, a bad omen or just shitty luck?


  1. Hey better that than those crazy idiots shooting at you guys...I'd choose bird poop over that any day!! Hope you found my "Chicken Little" boy over there and you reminded him to say his prayers and brush his teeth! Be safe and everyone I know is totally looking forward to the special you are doing over there. Be safe and I hope the ice is not melting too quickly in those ridiculous temps.

  2. In reading your post...I can certainly tell the prayers of the Marine Moms, and their families are working!!! That's a good thing, though it disappoints the Marines so.

    Now for the bird that poo-pooed on your head.....
    I heard in a movie once which was set in Italy..that when that's a sign of "Good Luck"!!!
    Hmmmmm! But you're in Afghanistan
    when this small crisis happened....and I have no idea at all what this may mean!!!!
    Take care, and thank-you for being over there
    with the Marines!!!

  3. Is that as good as a tiger pissing on you?